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יום שבת, 26 באוקטובר 2013

gyaru inspiration

well i decided to do a post about my gyaru inspiration.
those are my favorite gyaru models. 
i dont have one style in gyaru that im really into , i have a few styles. 
the main style is roma gyaru, than hime kaji, and sometimes rokku (but sort off kaji-rokku?)

my first and one of my biggest inspiration is the lovely tsubasa masuwaka



tsu-chan + balloons~ love~

Tsubasa Masuwaka for Dolly Wink

those pics aren't my favorite they are just randome photos i liked from a fan page of her 
i mostly like that she wears a lot of dark clothes in a very cute way 
she makes the dark look seem kawaii and i love to be inspired from that 
since i have days that i like to wear dark clothes but don't wan't to look like a freak 
her hair is so gorgeous in every color she ever had, shes so classy but still cute 
love her clean eye makeup and her brown lenses are the prettiest thing ever, 
dreaming of those lenses for ages!! 
i love the shape she does to her eyes and that her lashes are pretty netural but still viseble. 

the second model is rie matsuoka (okarie
Okarie’s Eye Make. Moreru!! Ranzuki. Vol 3

rie matsuoka (okarie) is my biggest inspiration for roma gyaru.
her look is always so romantic in everything she wears.
her clothes are so cute and lovely,
she's doing a lot of cool hairstyles that give me ideas.
her nails always so special they give me a lot of inspiration.
her makeup is also so lovely!!

well, im not feeling so good im a bit sick
so i think i will do a part too for my gyaru inspiartions :)
kisses , CherryChupCake

יום שישי, 25 באוקטובר 2013

first post!

hello guys 
so i considered for a really long time to open a blog and i finally actually did it !
my blog is gonna be mostly about styling, beauty and fashion.
nice to meet you

well, who am i ? 
my name is Eden 
my nickname is cherry 
I'm obsessed with hello kitty
my English isn't so good 
i live in Israel
I'm an Israeli gyaru 
and that's all i can think of right now 
hope you'll like my blog 

kisses , cherrychupcake