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יום ראשון, 16 בפברואר 2014

hello everyone@!

today i would like to share with you some stuff i got in mail last week!!

i was so happy getting those!!!! 

im felling with them the gyaru spirit runs in my vains@!!

and some more things 


hope you'll have a great week!

יום שבת, 1 בפברואר 2014

SOLUTION-LENS.COM review |GEO super nudy quarter brown

Hello everyone,
Today I'd like to make a review about my new pair of lenses I bought from: 
 i chose my lenses from the, beacuse their were cheap and the shipping is free

I placed my order a bit scared, I was afraid that the lenses will be in a bad quality or the service 
will be bad, but I was clearly wrong!

I got my package just a week after my order, this is how I got it:
I ordered 2 pairs of lenses and got one pair free! +3 lens cases in cute colors  and 2 cute gifts

gyaru outfits!

hello guys

 i didnt posy a really long time 
im really tired though 
but i really want to share with you how i developed with gyaru in the last few months

i will be very happy if youll comment !! 
love you ♥